Launched in late 2008 as a genre-blurring music blog, SoundBleed sought to offer the curated experience of a traditional print magazine in an online format through original artist interviews, reviews, and sassy commentary about the music industry and its key players. A small team of writers shaped SoundBleed’s distinctive voice with daily updates and special features like the Kyle Top 30 – a countdown of the best Kylie Minogue songs in anticipation of her first US tour in Fall, 2009.

Unintentionally, SoundBleed had become part of a proliferation of music blogs, ranging from the über-corporate to the super DIY. Despite a consistently growing audience and positive acclaim from within the industry, amid the exploding blogosphere the original missive of SoundBleed became redundant at times. Rather than fight for space in an increasingly saturated market, the blog went on hiatus in 2010 with plans to re-form as a niche digital record label. The core SoundBleed team worked with several avant garde artists preparing them for a release and promotion cycle, as part of what would eventually become a development deal.

By early 2013, after an unexpectedly enormous response to a little commentary, McCarthy along with David Bond, pumped a little more life into SoundBleed as a blog, one last time before saying goodbye.

Thanks to everyone who ever read the words on this site and everyone who made the music those words were about!