Zedd and country singer Hunter Hayes might be the same person

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Zedd and Country ZeddIt’s unlikely that electro/dubstep DJ/producer Zedd (left) and country singer/songwriter Hunter Hayes (right) share too many fans. When we saw Hayes at the Grammy’s earlier this week we did a double take – is that Zedd playing the piano? No, it was Hunter Hayes, or Country Zedd, if you’d prefer. It got us thinking:┬áthese two artists might have more in common than their fresh faces, bright blue eyes, and golden boy statuses on their respective scenes. So here we explore the ways in which these two young stars might be best friends (if they aren’t already the same person).

They both have September birthdays and look like they could be in One Direction but there’s even more to it than all that…

Zedd, 23, has been playing piano since he was 4 years old
Hunter, 21, has been singing since he was 4 years old.

Zedd was influenced by often overrated electro group Justice.
Hunter was influenced by often overrated country group Rascal Flatts.

Zedd produced a track for teen sensation Justin Bieber.
Hunter toured with teen sensation Taylor Swift.

Both like wearing plaid:
Zedd and Hunter in plaid


Both play the piano, broodingly, while wearing headphones:Zedd and Hunter piano players


Both wear baseball hats of teams from the Northeast that they probably don’t root for:Zedd and Hunter love baseball


If you want to actually hear what these doppelganger besties sound like we recommend Zedd’s video for “Clarity” in which he drives a car aound Los Angeles and Hunter’s video for “Wanted” in which he rides a motorcycle around Nashville.