Boys from Oz: My day on set with Stafford Brothers

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inflatable aussieI have made no secret about my affinity for Australians (well, one in particular), but I still didn’t expect to like Stafford Brothers as much as I do before spending the day with them for this feature on Billboard. There are plenty of people in dance music and the music industry at large (for that matter, anywhere) who act nice when they need to but are really assholes. So pardon my cynicism if that’s what I thought the Staffords might be. And who would blame them if they were? They’re talented, they’re hot, they have a thriving career – they could probably get by (as many do) by coasting on ego and reserving their kindness for the VIPs. Instead, Matt and Chris Stafford treat everyone with generosity and warmth – from the animal trainer to the production assistants to Lil Wayne to me. I’ve since confirmed this with other industry people who have worked with Matt and Chris beyond that one day. They are genuinely nice guys with a sly Aussie sense of humor.

Not to undermine their talent with my compliments about their demeanor – they are practiced and skilled DJs as well as A-grade producers. At times, their set selections might veer too mainstream for some tastes (I heard “Don’t You Worry Child” and “Pon de Floor” amid some brand new never-heard-before remixes when I saw them at Lure in Hollywood a few weeks ago), but a) everyone does that and b) people like it. In fact, I see their tune choices as an extension of their personality: the Stafford Brothers are nice people who want to make you happy and have a party while they’re doing it. I’ve been on countless music video sets over the last ten years. This one was – by far – the most relaxed while staying professional and the most fun without getting sloppy. I hope this means Hugh Jackman gets that Oscar.


Matt and 'roo

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