Weekend Anthem: Say It Again Spring!

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Plan B / Love is AllSunday marks the official beginning of spring, and with it come numerous opportunities. It is finally time to let go of all of the winter baggage, to completely rejuvenate yourself and perhaps even upgrade some things here and there. It’s time to update your wardrobe with all things light and comfortable, get together with people you haven’t seen in like, forever, and make plans for the exciting summer season ahead. Most importantly however, you need a soundtrack to fit all of these changes. The 16 Bit remix of Plan B‘s “She Said” (off the album The Defamation of Strickland Banks, due in a few weeks) is a sick, floor-filling party jam, and will have you torn between finishing your spring cleaning or having an epic night out. The slightly less chaotic but equally fun new single ”Repetition” from Love Is All‘s upcoming album Two Thousand and Ten Injuries is fitting of any laid-back spring afternoon, whether it constitutes a picnic in the park or catching up on spring reading. So welcome springtime, take advantage of the clean slate before you, and take it upon yourself to update your ipod, please.

Plan B – “She Said” (16 Bit remix)
Love Is All – “Repetition”