Kylie Top 30: #15 “The Loco-Motion”

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The Loco-motionSong: The Loco-Motion
Album: Kylie (1988)

Ahhh…the song that started it all! The legend goes (and it is a legend now), that it was a cast talent show/benefit where the teen star of popular soap Neighbors, sang the Goffin/King classic “The Loco-Motion.” A star was born and two decades later you can’t help but smile when you hear that stuttered vocal at the beginning and that slide on “yeaaah.” Kylie was the sweet and innoccent “neighbor” but there was also something of a naughty babysitter in her voice. Nearly the entire oeuvre of Kylie can be sourced to this singular performance. She’s our friend who wants us to dance “nice and easy now,” and bring a “little bit of rhythm and a lot of soul.” She’s also that girl who is just a little prettier, and ¬†little cooler, but also hella goofy (with a perm like that you have to keep a sense of humor). The video is nothing special aside from its star, but it still radiates and leaves us wanting more. Who knew we’d get 20+ years more?

Pluses: a cover better than the original
Fusses: how exactly does the dance go?