Kylie Top 30: #11 “Too Far”

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Too FarSong: Too Far
Album: Impossible Princess

After a decade of singing other people’s songs, Kylie busts out with “Too Far,” the lead track on Impossible Princess (often dubbed The Black Album). Entirely penned by Kylie, the song reveals her neurosis and finds her voice undulating on an avant garde vocal line in the verse before busting into the chorus of “too many too much too far help me / this time I’m too far.” ┬áIt sounds like Kylie because it’s her voice, but musically it’s almost unrecognizable from her previous work. Produced by Brothers In Rhythm, the track sets the tone for a decidedly un-pop album that was inspired by both her friendship with Nick Cave and her relationship with Stephane Sednaoui. There was little commercial success for the album, but the fact that Kylie still performs it stands as a testament to her own belief in her songwriting and her musical identity, which is kinda what the whole thing was about anyway.

Pluses: the way she says slither. yeah.
Fusses: more Minogue-written songs please!