Kylie Top 30: #9 “The One”

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The OneSong: The One
Album: X (2007, single released 2008)

At the center of Kylie’s 10th album lies this Freemasons-produced gem. Ethereal and ephemeral, cosmic and galactic, “The One” has one of the best choruses of 21st century pop: “I’m the one / love me love me love me love me,” sings Kylie, not pleading or commanding, almost wishing on a star, but equally enticing across the disco in octave harmonies. The production is classic Freemasons disco, with remix-appeal like none other. The video is like a kaleidoscope of old Hollywood deco futurism, set to a Freemasons-remix of the song. With the final line, “will you reach me?” the song achieves a complicated duality: Kylie is both confident enough to say she’s the one, but still looking for someone to find her. The space metaphors that lead back to the “heart of me” enforce the ¬†feeling that something so real is at once intangible.

Pluses: starlight shimmers everywhere
Fusses: if it’s hard for Kylie…