Kylie Top 30: #7 “On A Night Like This”

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On A Night Like ThisSong: On A Night Like This
Album: Light Years (2000)

“Don’t say it’s like a fantasy,” goes the opening line, but that’s exactly what this song is. Kylie was not the first to sing “On A Night Like This,” but she’s effectively the last. The fantastical space age disco sound and the whispered sweet nothings make for a sensual romp on the dancefloor that must involve a considerable amount of dancing. Set in Monte Carlo and featuring a jewel and water-dripping Kylie, the video is H-O-T. She jumps in a pool before stripping, re-dressing and hitting the casino floor, then stripping, and jumping in the pool again. There’s some dramatic narrative in the background, but it’s ancillary to the focus of this Mediterranean disco. Full of lush vocals and a strategically played harpsichord, the song is everything you could ask for and in concert, it comes alive. The single’s release coincided with the Sydney Olympics where she performed this song for the world, giving everyone a glimpse of the new disco queen’s magic.

Pluses: Kylie is always a safe bet
Fusses:  that old dude does not deserve to see Min topless