Kylie Top 30: #6 “Better The Devil You Know”

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Better The Devil You KnowSong: Better The Devil You Know
Album: Rhythm of Love (1990)

There is one song that is played every Saturday night at half past midnight in London’s biggest gay club, G.A.Y., and that song is “Better The Devil You Know,” the first single from Kylie’s third album. On Rhythm of Love, Kylie tries to break away from the good girl image of her previous efforts, and with this song and its’ aerobic video she makes a good start.  ”Say you won’t leave me no more / I’ll take you back again” the song opens after a pulsing beat kicks in and a chorus of “woa-oa’s.” Through the years those woa’s have made this song a true anthem. Still, what makes this song so enduring, is that beneath the bright S/A/W production and bare-midriff wind machine dancing, the lyrics are pretty dark: this is as close as Kylie comes to saying “don’t fuck with me,” and there are literally millions of fans around the world who would back her up on it too. There’s something enchanting about our Min taking this chance on a devil, so much so that when she sings it as the final number during her On A Night Like This tour in Sydney, it’s hard not to have tears of joys in your eyes.

Pluses: it really is better the devil you know
Fusses: she definitely deserves better than any devil, known or not