Kylie Top 30: #5 “Slow”

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SlowSong: Slow
Album: Body Language (2003)

After two albums of galactic disco fever, Kylie takes things down a notch. “Slow” announced a more subtle approach to the dancefloor, and one of the most thoughtful and high-concept albums of her career. Co-written by Icelandic musician Emiliana Torrini, UK producer Dan Carey, and Kylie herself, the melody for the song is extracted from the bassline while small, almost microscopic sounds constitute the percussion. Vocally, “Slow,” allows Min to use a lower register of her voice that we hadn’t heard before, even as a euphonious team of falsetto soprano Kylies join the chorus. Set in Barcelona, the video is a thing of wonder unto itself. From the sculpted bodied-Spaniard’s back flip dive into a pool and the revelation of Kylie in a sheer beach dress amongst a sea of tanned, toned, and scantily clad sunbathers who are actually performing a synchronized sunbathing dance (mostly pelvic thrusts, truth be told), it’s hard to know where to focus your attention during this piece of eye (and of course ear) candy. Debuting at the top of the UK charts, “Slow” proved that Kylie and her audience could evolve without reinventing what she does best.

Pluses: Ms. Minogue lying amongst a selection of hard-bodied Spaniards
Fusses: that amount of sun exposure is not good for your skin