Kylie Top 30: #4 “Come Into My World”

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Come Into My WorldSong: Come Into My World
Album: Fever (2001, single released 2002)

As the fourth single from the massively successful Fever, “Come Into My World” should have been no big deal. But with a Michel Gondry-directed video, a Fischerspooner remix, and a stunning Metropolis-inspired live performance that opened her set during the Fever2002 tour, this song has become a Kylie classic. Oh, it also won Kylie her first Grammy for Best Dance Recording. Gondry’s video features an in-camera special effect where we see Kylie walk out of a shop on a Paris street, dropping her dry-cleaning. Then, as she walks around in a circle with an additional Kylie joining her in repetitive action each time she passes the starting point. Gondry plays with Min’s iconic status but also gives us our gal-pal Kylie rather than pin-up Kylie. The video matches the song’s circular patterns and layering of melodies over counter-melodies and lyrics that anatomize love in the most inviting way. While it was co-written by Cathy Dennis (co-writer of “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”), this song could have been an album track were it not for a committed and enduring performance by its singer.

Pluses: these hands were meant to touch and feel you
Fusses: she so doesn’t pick up her own dry cleaning