Kylie Top 30: #3 “I Should Be So Lucky”

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I Should Be So LuckySong: I Should Be So Lucky
Album: Kylie (1988, single released 1987)

While “The Loco-Motion” was the first song from Kylie, “I Should Be So Lucky” was really the first original single Kylie the Pop Star, and what an introduction it is. Kylie is all wistful and dreamy about a love that she should be so lucky to have, while the key changes back and forth between verse and chorus. For those who thought this was a tune stuck in its Stock/Aitken/Waterman production, a stripped down, cabaret-esque production was premiered during the Intimate and Live tour of 1998, turning the one-time teeny bopping Aussie into a bona fide torch singer. This song captures much what is great about Kylie: she is capable of delivering a performance full of complicated emotions that in other artists would seem either contradictory or inauthentic.  She’s both optimistic about the fantasies of “no complications / no hesitation” but also frustrated with her “heart that’s close to breaking.” And who can’t relate to that? Throughout what could be a whiny or dour tune, Kylie’s bright voice – and that candy-coated, krimped and bubbly video – we believe that we all should be so lucky, at least, someday.

Pluses: you can’t help but smile hearing this song
Fusses: you can’t help but cringe at some of those outfits