Justin Bieber is the hot new pedo bait

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In the ever-growing common demographic of tweens and the creepy adults who illicitly love them comes Justin Bieber, a Canadian tween who boasts an ever-growing collection of YouTube videos, mostly of him doing things like singing. The one that was sent to us last week is especially alarming. It features the young Justin’s pre-pubescent rendition of Billie Jean before doing a moonwalk on a sidewalk while a Pete Hornberger-looking cellist he claims he just met accompanies him. Why, exactly? If you’re friends with Usher (oh yeah, Bieber is supposedly the Justin that Usher is cool with), why are you acting like a street performer? And why is there a cellist with you? And who is that cellist really? His dad? His Uncle Lester? His neighbor who told his parents he would take real good care of him? It’s unsettling. But hey, the kid can dance, so keep exploiting him everyone!