Ghostly releases amazing iPhone app; Rihanna & MGMT tapped by JHOV; Kelis has a baby; M83 has a bad week

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ghostly discoveryIn the world of iPhone apps, there are the vainly useless and the useless rip-offs. For one reason or another, Ghostly, the best label from Detroit since Motown, has pulled ahead of the crowd with its new Discovery app. Not only is this little guy a free download, but it gives you access to Ghostly’s vast and varied catalog. You will literally discover new music as you toggle the “mood” selector along with other style variables – on a digital/organic and faster/slower continuum. Even if you’re familiar with the work of Matthew Dear or Christopher Willits, this is an opportunity to go deeper into their works while hearing things you probaby haven’t heard of. What a good use of technology and a roster. You can learn more about the app here.

Rihanna and MGMT will be on Jay-Z‘s next album, The Blueprint 3. Rihanna and Jigga made magic on with her umberella last in 2007, so who knows if lightening will strike during this storm again. The MGMT thing is kind of exciting, like, if you didn’t see it coming, you might be excited. Who wants to bet that Ed Droste will be on The Blueprint 4? [RS]

Kelis and Nas are now parents, though Nas was supposedly not allowed at the birth. Kelis filed for divorce in April, which is usually not fun at 6 months pregnant. The baby boy is named Knight [NME].

M83 frontman Anthony Gonzalez got into a fight with venue staff at a gig at Ohio State on Saturday. There’s shitty video footage of it. Fans seem to defend Gonzalez as he was essentially defending their right to dance on stage at the show. Jay Reatard, however, weighed in today, calling Gonzalez’s slap the “weakest he has ever seen.” Why does he know so much about slapping? We want Jay Reatard to become busier with his own biz and leave others alone [CoS].